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Do you need to source a aircraft ATA chapters parts 87-22, ARB1659-2, S4-3300346-01, 472412-1, ADA3211-17 from manufacturer such as Other, General Electric, AVTECH Corporation, Smith Industries, Thales Avionics, present in our aircraft ATA Chapters catalog? Aerospace Exchange, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, makes the aircraft ATA chapters parts procurement process as streamlined as possible. Our easy to use search engine opens up our 3-billion-part inventory to our loyal customers. Simply type in a aircraft ATA chapter part number such as Ballast, Cover, Actuator Cargo Door ( Hydr. Actuated ), Fire-Extinguisher, Door Assy and receive a quote within fifteen minutes or less from one of our dedicated account managers.

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Part No. Manufacturer ATA Chapters Part Description Conditions Date Approved RFQ
87-22 other 33 ballast N/A N/A RFQ
ARB1659-2 other 57 cover N/A N/A RFQ
S4-3300346-01 other 52 actuator cargo door ( hydr. actuated ) N/A N/A RFQ
472412-1 other 26 fire-extinguisher N/A N/A RFQ
ADA3211-17 other 53 door assy N/A N/A RFQ
844640-403 other 25 double seat lh fwd of exit N/A N/A RFQ
F2567061900200 other 35 pallet assy N/A N/A RFQ
523A7200-01 other 27 shaft N/A N/A RFQ
D5735120000300A other 57 fence assy wing tip (rh) N/A N/A RFQ
NMC6019-503 other 55 rudder assy-upper aft N/A N/A RFQ
18330911-1 other 32 gauge N/A N/A RFQ
983030 other 25 door assy g3 N/A N/A RFQ
A2527152100200 other 25 window panel N/A N/A RFQ
54T207 other 73 hose assy N/A N/A RFQ
769105 other 29 rat module - ground check N/A N/A RFQ
ANB7329-4 other 53 panel 152pt/152tt N/A N/A RFQ
C24960000-1 other 29 valve safety N/A N/A RFQ
398504-2 other 36 isolation valve N/A N/A RFQ
50A176 other 72 plug total press & temp probe N/A N/A RFQ
4307792 other 30 motor lh converter N/A N/A RFQ
769A0000-02 other 21 valve-check N/A N/A RFQ
24E507009G01 general electric 50755 water heater N/A 10/31/2011 RFQ
3224892-1 other 36 valve-relief N/A N/A RFQ
5145-1-65A avtech corporation 23-50-15 audio control panel N/A 6/13/2011 RFQ
FTA717 other 26 ionic smoke detector (lavatory) N/A N/A RFQ
HA70-0214003 other 25 stanchion N/A N/A RFQ
34600028-1 other 26 bottle-fire exting N/A N/A RFQ
H2883-5 other 78 latch N/A N/A RFQ
AE80532N other 29 coupling half-quick disconnect,self-seal N/A N/A RFQ
D25271304031009 other 25 panel assy-cove light N/A N/A RFQ
50J455 other 73 connector fuel manifold assy N/A N/A RFQ
5910043-509 other 27 vane assy-lh N/A N/A RFQ
NRB6233RH other 57 slat assy no.6 rh N/A N/A RFQ
003-008-005 other 28 probe mjp N/A N/A RFQ
6015 other 21 valve - solenoid operated N/A N/A RFQ
201117018 smith industries 32-31-44 uplock N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
1853M33P06 other 73 control unit-electronic ( non-pmux ) N/A N/A RFQ
A2577110201400 other 25 door sill latch N/A N/A RFQ
C13042AA01 thales avionics 22-83-54 flight management guidance computer N/A 4/25/2008 RFQ
380-85 other 32 hubcap assy-mlg N/A N/A RFQ
A425400467-704 other 25 seat assy-toilet N/A N/A RFQ
5914972-5SWR other 53 cockpit panel N/A N/A RFQ
221-0727-89 other 78 fan door N/A N/A RFQ
781-40-04 other 25 seat y/c N/A N/A RFQ
EVT3454H technofan 21-26-42 avionics fan N/A 11/1/2010 RFQ
ARB1658-503 other 57 cover N/A N/A RFQ
D23119771 other 32 electrical box N/A N/A RFQ
642-3002-503 other 71 cowl assy-fan rh (with strake) N/A N/A RFQ
NLC6041-505 other 55 elevator assy-outboard N/A N/A RFQ
C24960000-1 messier dowty sa 61330 safety valve N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
117786-002 other 25 seat triple my travel post modi N/A N/A RFQ
315-21-04-11 other 25 economy class double seat N/A N/A RFQ
50G440 other 72 liner fan exit case N/A N/A RFQ
3615139-1 honeywell 49 - APU screen AR N/A RFQ
21W4072-539 other 71 core wire harness N/A N/A RFQ
3616960-3 honeywell 49 - APU fan OH N/A RFQ
B47605-502 other 25 sunvisor assy-cockpit N/A N/A RFQ
340W8145-507 other 71 harness regulator valves core N/A N/A RFQ
C24736000 messier bugatti dowty 32-57-01 hydraulic control unit N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
53T848-01 other 73 trap to eec N/A N/A RFQ
D5237190011200 other 52 door assy crgo compartment aft N/A N/A RFQ
001111-101 other 34 unit attitude switching N/A N/A RFQ
452T1201-18 goodrich actuaion systems/lucas 25-53-08 cargo handling center stop/lock assembly N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
52T973-01 other 75 manifold assy tcc N/A N/A RFQ
3810324-1 honeywell 49 - APU igv cover SV N/A RFQ
A2577074100000 other 25 guide N/A N/A RFQ
9106A0001-01 other 21 sensor.differential pressure N/A N/A RFQ
F2557616100000SWRK other 25 panel assy-sidewall cargo N/A N/A RFQ
ARC0679-2 other 57 panel N/A N/A RFQ
3826141-7 garrett 49 - APU shroud SV 12/28/2004 RFQ
5910043-508 other 27 vane assy-rh N/A N/A RFQ
ARB2898-7 other 57 door assy N/A N/A RFQ
HPD5-42024-79 other 25 door assy N/A N/A RFQ
30-1774-1 other 33 light N/A N/A RFQ
CA194-02 other 77 harness-wiring egt lh N/A N/A RFQ
AWE9564-1SWRK other 25 panel assy-emerg.oxygen N/A N/A RFQ
315-21-23-11 other 25 economy class double seat N/A N/A RFQ
AE99118K other 29 coupling-quick disconnect N/A N/A RFQ
9601-02-13 other 27 transmitter-outb.flap pos N/A N/A RFQ
2609471-2 other 32 md11 main wheel(rim) N/A N/A RFQ
62293-109 other 25 slide door 3 l N/A N/A RFQ
5918853-49 other 52 tube assy N/A N/A RFQ
898230-1 other 21 valve press regulator N/A N/A RFQ
ARC0258-504N other 57 panel ay-fwd of ailero N/A N/A RFQ
5917376-13 other 53 door assy N/A N/A RFQ
736A0000-02 other 21 sensor-mixer temp N/A N/A RFQ
ARC2317-503 other 57 bolt assy-inboard flap N/A N/A RFQ
A2117032300000 other 36 duct N/A N/A RFQ
5930583-217N other 32 door assy-lh N/A N/A RFQ
ABA7927-502 other 52 housing N/A N/A RFQ
697536001 other 27 shaft assy-transmission,3 N/A N/A RFQ
FE196-0011 other 52 cylinder - damper pax door fwd./aft. N/A N/A RFQ
A25434006-100 messier bugatti dowty 32-46-34 emergency brake dual distribution valve N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
QA06304 pall gmbh luftfahrttechnik 29-00-62 hydraulic filter assembly N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
31075-440 other 27 servo-control, elevator N/A N/A RFQ

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