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Part No. Manufacturer ATA Chapters Part Description Conditions Date Approved RFQ
D2558531201451 other 25 panel assy-ceiling N/A N/A RFQ
F5508054000051 other 55 fairing assy-front lh 331at N/A N/A RFQ
51D970 other 75 damper-clr no 3 brg buffer N/A N/A RFQ
C24730001-4 messier bugatti dowty 32-37-08 uplock assembly N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
L83A13-611 other 28 valve-water,drain N/A N/A RFQ
5951092-511MC33 other 25 panel psu lh N/A N/A RFQ
128-0124-501 other 71 transition ring-eng.cowl N/A N/A RFQ
50N265 other 72 support lpt sealing ring N/A N/A RFQ
D25273621048009 other 25 cover assy N/A N/A RFQ
31077-050 other 27 servo control-spoiler,inb N/A N/A RFQ
72072100 other 25 oven steamer ds2000 rh N/A N/A RFQ
55A221-001 other 72 stg 1 lpc fan blade N/A N/A RFQ
ARH1644-1 other 27 cartridge assy-outbd N/A N/A RFQ
CFM56-7B27/B1 other 72 engine b737 aircraft N/A N/A RFQ
D22237001 messier bugatti dowty 32-46-61 brake manifold N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
14527-521 other 30 duct N/A N/A RFQ
AR4714-203 adams rite aerospace 25-20-22 electrically operated strike assembly N/A 2/15/2011 RFQ
3505436-7 other 80 starter N/A N/A RFQ
8054-19-0000 other 25 oven lh N/A N/A RFQ
14711-517 other 36 duct N/A N/A RFQ
5145-1-24A avtech corporation 23-50-15 audio control panel N/A 6/13/2011 RFQ
76M210-039 other 78 cascade N/A N/A RFQ
A5726000000100 other 57 wing tip rh N/A N/A RFQ
320488-2 other 25 decor panel-g 04 lwr N/A N/A RFQ
MXP110 intertechnique 35-11-79 flight crew mask stowage N/A 9/27/2012 RFQ
315-21-17A11 other 25 economy class double seat N/A N/A RFQ
A25461-1-1 other 32 selector automatic N/A N/A RFQ
026-35-999-1171 sennheiser 23-41-48 boomset hmec 26-bv-k N/A 11/1/2010 RFQ
A2557425100000 other 53 panel-cargo-compartment N/A N/A RFQ
5910278-5 other 27 rod assy-lh N/A N/A RFQ
A5327996700000 other 53 panel-floor cargo/compt N/A N/A RFQ
3214-30 diehl 33-51-07 battery N/A 1/1/2009 RFQ
340-021-853-0 other 72 tube-air N/A N/A RFQ
4059040-920 other 45 unit centr. fault display N/A N/A RFQ
117789-004 other 25 seat double my travel post modi N/A N/A RFQ
5910257-501 other 27 control rudder-tab N/A N/A RFQ
420088 other 73 harness w2 minimux fan case N/A N/A RFQ
046-35-999-3251 sennheiser 23-41-46 boomset hmec 46-v-cp N/A 9/28/2009 RFQ
46476 other 73 wiring harness assy of eec w3 N/A N/A RFQ
A9232024200011 other 53 radome assy N/A N/A RFQ
A2557235300200 other 25 panel decomp/cargo compt N/A N/A RFQ
2041230-3521 other 34 ils rcvr N/A N/A RFQ
A25434006-210 messier bugatti dowty 32-46-34 emergency brake dual distribution valve N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
1115V0700-5 other 75 valve 2.9 start stability bleed N/A N/A RFQ
420613 other 73 harness w5 N/A N/A RFQ
A2151041300000 other 21 panel assy-inbord aft N/A N/A RFQ
D5288016500151 other 32 door-common ramp,mlg,744 N/A N/A RFQ
MXP411-6 intertechnique 35-13-42 flight crew mask stowage N/A 9/27/2012 RFQ
3924084-503 other 21 flapper assy-diverter va. N/A N/A RFQ
4510-11UF-00 b/e aerospace 25-33-20 coffee maker N/A 8/26/2013 RFQ
7563882 other 29 indicator, diff.pressure N/A N/A RFQ
ARB1100-501 other 57 door N/A N/A RFQ
ARH7054-517 other 27 actuator inboard assy rh N/A N/A RFQ
792A0000-04 goodrich wolverampton 27-53-24 flap actuator assy N/A 1/23/2012 RFQ
ARC0264-509 other 57 panel ay-aileron-flap N/A N/A RFQ
AJC7207-239 other 52 door assy-aft body bottom panel N/A N/A RFQ
AKC7728-1 other 53 strut assy-slide N/A N/A RFQ
53T584-01 other 75 tube of supply bld and drum air valve N/A N/A RFQ
31077-100 other 27 servo control-spoiler,inb N/A N/A RFQ
321200M02 other 27 xdcr ut N/A N/A RFQ
4343253 other 30 wiper blade N/A N/A RFQ
315-00-402-21 other 25 backrest instl. N/A N/A RFQ
221-5125-575 other 78 fan reverser eng. 1&3 lh N/A N/A RFQ
142185-3 other 38 flapper valve assy N/A N/A RFQ
3810259-3 garrett 49 - APU housing VS N/A RFQ
55T148 other 73 wiring harness-assy wc 6 N/A N/A RFQ
4059001-908 other 22 flight contr comp N/A N/A RFQ
AJH7145-501 other 27 arm assy N/A N/A RFQ
811149-1 other 75 actuator-turb clg valve N/A N/A RFQ
3810187-2 honeywell 49 - APU housing NS 3/28/2003 RFQ
221-5123-553 other 78 fan reverser eng 2 lh N/A N/A RFQ
CD00901-03 other 24 gpcu-ground power control unit N/A N/A RFQ
9800-2D1A-F23AM other 35 portable oxygen cylinder assembly N/A N/A RFQ
522560 other 79 indicator-oil temp. N/A N/A RFQ
A2711-2 other 71 strut assembly N/A N/A RFQ
201117022 smith industries 32-31-44 uplock N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
A2-254-0006-10 other 25 mirror N/A N/A RFQ
NSA936507TG005 tbd 49 - APU terminal-cable AR N/A RFQ
A2547541000551 other 25 door ding lh N/A N/A RFQ
B372BAM0509 thales avionics 27-94-10 spoiler elevator computer N/A 2/1/2010 RFQ
B397BAM0618 thales avionics 22-66-32 flight augmentation computer N/A 2/5/2008 RFQ
AVB7039-2 other 54 hinge assy N/A N/A RFQ
3270514-3 other 36 t/r unit N/A N/A RFQ
ARC0447-502 other 57 panel N/A N/A RFQ
C12849AB03 other 22 fcu-flight control unit N/A N/A RFQ
F5237120001200 other 52 cover assy-access N/A N/A RFQ
ALC7426-502 other 55 panel N/A N/A RFQ
C24730000-3 messier bugatti dowty 32-37-09 uplock N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
A5461197700000 other 54 pyl-fairing no: N/A N/A RFQ
D31517-519 air cruisers/aerazur 25-60-56 evacuation slide with decorative cover (aft door slide) N/A 7/26/2013 RFQ
54T243-01 other 75 tube assy for bleed valve N/A N/A RFQ
53T218-01 other 79 tube-assy of deoiler outl N/A N/A RFQ
C12850AC02 thales avionics 22-81-14 flight control unit N/A 5/15/2008 RFQ
M20201-865-001 other 25 support, front arm assy N/A N/A RFQ
221-4027-513 other 78 plug exhaust N/A N/A RFQ

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