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Part No. Manufacturer ATA Chapters Part Description Conditions Date Approved RFQ
G3653 other 25 panel N/A N/A RFQ
PW4156A M75 other 72 qec mechan N/A N/A RFQ
4063-16082-3 nord micro 49970 isolation valve N/A 6/18/2012 RFQ
D25286102029009 other 25 lining assy-door (rh) N/A N/A RFQ
3888053-1 garrett 49 - APU adapter OH N/A RFQ
83000-05604 koito manufacturing co. 30-40-04 window heat control unit N/A 5/6/2013 RFQ
45858 other 73 w05 harness N/A N/A RFQ
9936837-501 other 57 panel assy-lower outb.lh N/A N/A RFQ
45D31 other 73 switch fuel filter N/A N/A RFQ
4510-26UF-00 b/e aerospace 25-33-20 coffee maker N/A 8/26/2013 RFQ
AEH7072-509 other 27 pushrod N/A N/A RFQ
D30665-305 air cruisers/aerazur 25-61-20 evacuation slide/raft (aft door) N/A 1/3/2014 RFQ
53T819 other 73 harness assy w3 ( scu ) N/A N/A RFQ
C20103520 messier bugatti dowty 32-46-50 brake servo valve N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
F5332741100500 other 53 panel assy rh N/A N/A RFQ
M83248-1-133 hamilton sundstrand 49 - APU packing-preformed AR N/A RFQ
C20225000 other 32 brake a320 N/A N/A RFQ
622-5219-003 other 23 transceiver vhf N/A N/A RFQ
221-5123-543 other 78 fan revers. tail-eng.2 rh N/A N/A RFQ
2A350-1AS1830 other 24 inverter-static N/A N/A RFQ
745A0000-01 other 21 valve-check N/A N/A RFQ
2-8020-16 ge aviation 32-31-04 fuse assembly, quantity measuring N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
340W8147-503 other 71 harness fire detector rh side N/A N/A RFQ
L98A626 other 28 indicator magnetic level N/A N/A RFQ
NRC6060-525 other 57 flap and vane assy-inbd lh N/A N/A RFQ
MXP413-02 intertechnique 35-13-42 flight crew mask stowage N/A 9/27/2012 RFQ
NRB6027-514 other 57 slat assy-no.3 N/A N/A RFQ
D2558544100200 other 25 sidewall N/A N/A RFQ
D2549015511800 other 25 lavatory N/A N/A RFQ
F5218010000000 other 52 door assy-fwd passenger crew lh N/A N/A RFQ
AWD9356-HMV other 52 door assy / crew compart. N/A N/A RFQ
A25315-1 other 32 valve parking brake N/A N/A RFQ
7A1539-008 other 25 slide raft door 2 rh N/A N/A RFQ
3957900613 other 73 eiu - engine interface unit N/A N/A RFQ
5500-A1A-BF20B other 35 portable oxygen cylinder assembly N/A N/A RFQ
ELP-362D other 26 beacon N/A N/A RFQ
5919586-2 other 57 panel assy-fwd center rh N/A N/A RFQ
H3753-33 other 71 housing assy, latch N/A N/A RFQ
A2557386100400 other 25 panel-sidewall/cargo-comp N/A N/A RFQ
A2528707800100 other 25 lower ceiling panel N/A N/A RFQ
221-4086-517 other 71 fwd engine mount assy N/A N/A RFQ
A25453-0-3 messier bugatti dowty 32-34-44 uplock N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
5912176-509N other 55 fairing hor.stab.lower lh N/A N/A RFQ
3956849-1 other 25 web assy N/A N/A RFQ
C23266-1 messier bugatti dowty 32-34-53 dual manifold N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
390-611-001-0 other 72 connector-identification cfm56-5b1/2p N/A N/A RFQ
C20195162 other 32 wheel assy mlg with tire N/A N/A RFQ
2LA005469-01 goodrich 33-25-02 pnl dr warn 1 N/A 4/1/2010 RFQ
025-230-415 sennheiser 23-41-35 boomset hmec 25-kax N/A 9/28/2009 RFQ
18240310-1 other 32 gauge N/A N/A RFQ
GA71282-7 other 32 selector, electro N/A N/A RFQ
802644 other 72 bracket N/A N/A RFQ
49-170-11 Amdt. ABC bae systems liebherr 40660 slat flap control computer N/A 9/18/2012 RFQ
803273-1 other 75 harness to air oil heat exc. N/A N/A RFQ
968214-6 honeywell 49 - APU valve OH N/A RFQ
5954801-553 other 25 panel assy N/A N/A RFQ
3822091-1 garrett 49 - APU seal SV 1/27/2010 RFQ
D5764000000800Z other 27 aileron assy lh N/A N/A RFQ
5567 other 25 electrical release-strike N/A N/A RFQ
2135T100-3 other 25 guide assy N/A N/A RFQ
B372BAM0509 other 27 sec-spoiler and elevator computer N/A N/A RFQ
B397BAM0619 thales avionics 22-66-32 flight augmentation computer N/A 3/16/2009 RFQ
D5775000200000Z other 27 spoiler assy-no 2 lh - a320 N/A N/A RFQ
ARB1603-502 other 57 cover ay-track no.5 N/A N/A RFQ
20P78-5A other 75 turbine air shutoff valve N/A N/A RFQ
117586-005 other 25 pax seat vueling N/A N/A RFQ
LA2T0G21006CA10 airbus france 46-21-34 air traffic services unit N/A 6/28/2012 RFQ
HFE95-20D10 iacobucci 25-34-90 espresso maker N/A 12/1/2009 RFQ
ANB7535-29 other 53 panel 151qt N/A N/A RFQ
40-805 other 32 transducer anti skid N/A N/A RFQ
F53132010000 other 53 radome, nose assy N/A N/A RFQ
320-366-401-0 other 73 harness-wiring j13 N/A N/A RFQ
ARH7054-1 other 27 inboard actuator assy lh N/A N/A RFQ
446177-3 other 26 head kit N/A N/A RFQ
3880379-1 tbd 49 - APU shaft AR N/A RFQ
QA06128 other 26 solid particle filter N/A N/A RFQ
315-22-03-11 other 25 economy class double seat N/A N/A RFQ
A2557388500000 other 25 panel/cargo compt N/A N/A RFQ
5915112-509 other 21 clamp assy-heat exchanger N/A N/A RFQ
A2527858801200 other 25 panel ay/lower side wall N/A N/A RFQ
755B0000-02 other 21 reheater - air conditioning N/A N/A RFQ
S332T305-8 other 72 transmitter oil pressure N/A N/A RFQ
ARC0288-501 other 57 panel N/A N/A RFQ
ARC0269-504 other 57 panel N/A N/A RFQ
10-0982-1 other 33 sign exit N/A N/A RFQ
11218-001 other 38 drain valve assy N/A N/A RFQ
D5311281820401 other 53 track N/A N/A RFQ
450EP01Y other 27 solenoid N/A N/A RFQ
3540000-1 other 28 sensor fuel temp N/A N/A RFQ
56T905 other 75 hose-clg N/A N/A RFQ
ARB1100-501 other 57 door N/A N/A RFQ
798850-2 other 75 valve idgs N/A N/A RFQ
C25243002 messier bugatti dowty 32-47-48 safety valve N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
356T0200-1 tbd 49 - APU drain assy. OH 3/18/2015 RFQ
SIC5055-4 intertechnique 28-47-30 fuel quantity indication computer N/A 9/28/2009 RFQ

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