Federal Supply Groups and Classes Catalog

FSG 70 Automatic Data Processing Equipment Including Firmware Software Supplies and Support Equipment No. Of Parts
FSC 7010 ADPE System Configuration 2336
FSC 7020 ADP Central Processing Unit CPU Computer Analog 62
FSC 7021 ADP Central Processing Unit CPU Computer Digital 3331
FSC 7022 ADP Central Processing Unit CPU Computer Hybrid 15
FSC 7025 ADP Input-Output and Storage Devices 22426
FSC 7030 ADP Software 878
FSC 7035 ADP Support Equipment 2157
FSC 7040 Punched Card Equipment 228
FSC 7042 Mini and Micro Computer Control Devices 20
FSC 7045 ADP Supplies 706
FSC 7050 ADP Components 2972
FSG 71 Furniture No. Of Parts
FSC 7105 Household Furniture 5448
FSC 7110 Office Furniture 17042
FSC 7125 Cabinets Lockers Bins and Shelving 12021
FSC 7195 Miscellaneous Furniture and Fixtures 540
FSG 72 Household and Commercial Furnishings and Appliances No. Of Parts
FSC 7210 Household Furnishings 1317
FSC 7220 Floor Coverings 1159
FSC 7230 Draperies Awnings and Shades 312
FSC 7240 Household and Commercial Utility Containers 914
FSC 7290 Miscellaneous Household and Commercial Furnishings and Appliances 197
FSG 73 Food Preparation and Serving Equipment No. Of Parts
FSC 7310 Food Cooking Baking and Serving Equipment 7313
FSC 7320 Kitchen Equipment and Appliances 2913
FSC 7330 Kitchen Hand Tools and Utensils 1249
FSC 7340 Cutlery and Flatware 464
FSC 7350 Tableware 1620
FSC 7360 Sets Kits Outfits and Modules Food Preperation and Serving 564
FSG 74 Office Machines Text Processing Systems and Visible Record Equipment No. Of Parts
FSC 7420 Accounting and Calculating Machines 1120
FSC 7430 Typewriters and Office Type Composing Machines 826
FSC 7435 Office Information System Equipment 542
FSC 7450 Office Type Sound Recording and Reproducing Machines 359
FSC 7460 Visible Record Equipment 414
FSC 7490 Miscellaneous Office Machines 6033
FSG 75 Office Supplies and Devices No. Of Parts
FSC 7510 Office Supplies 17210
FSC 7520 Office Devices and Accessories 5526
FSC 7530 Stationery and Record Forms 10049
FSC 7540 Standard Forms 579
FSG 77 Musical Instruments Phonographs and Home Type Radios No. Of Parts
FSC 7710 Musical Instruments 330
FSC 7720 Musical Instrument Parts and Accessories 365
FSC 7730 Phonographs Radios and Television Sets Home Type 98
FSC 7735 Parts and Accessories of Phonographs Radios and Television Set Home Type 21
FSC 7740 Phonograph Records 13
FSG 78 Recreational and Athletic Equipment No. Of Parts
FSC 7810 Athletic and Sporting Equipment 348
FSC 7820 Games Toys and Wheeled Goods 119
FSC 7830 Recreational and Gymnastic Equipment 644
FSG 79 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies No. Of Parts
FSC 7910 Floor Polishers and Vacuum Cleaning Equipment 2122
FSC 7920 Brooms Brushes Mops and Sponges 2889
FSC 7930 Cleaning and Polishing Compounds and Preparations 4142

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