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CAGE Code: 02SF5

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Part Number NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
L3300283-011 1680-01-344-5758 lock door aircraft Avl RFQ
L3400411 1620-01-371-2204 drag brace landing Avl RFQ
L5400850-121 1680-01-256-2455 panel fault functio Avl RFQ
L3226803-010 1560-01-247-1885 insulation thermal Avl RFQ
L5872106-003 1650-01-186-2784 retainer snubber Avl RFQ
L5304472-021 1680-01-174-7013 panel power Avl RFQ
L3226410-031 1560-01-208-8459 support structural Avl RFQ
L5871082-003 1650-01-164-5946 piston compensator Avl RFQ
L3058088-001 1560-01-312-5339 platform assembly Avl RFQ
L5211064-001 1680-01-157-5298 arm control stick a Avl RFQ
L3226759-172 1560-01-247-1887 insulation thermal Avl RFQ
L3006738-001 1560-01-450-4965 support structural Avl RFQ
L4100005-001 1680-01-148-2024 engine mount strut assembly Avl RFQ
L5877001-003 1650-01-186-2922 cylinder actuating Avl RFQ
L3226605-003 1560-01-454-2111 skin aircraft Avl RFQ
L5871206-003 1650-01-165-0223 retainer seal actua Avl RFQ
L5304475-011 1680-01-174-7018 panel Avl RFQ
5067-200-60 2530-01-528-0427 cylinder assembly h Avl RFQ
L3005168-003 1560-01-294-2695 plate structural ai Avl RFQ
L5211050-011 1680-01-185-0751 transducer adjustin Avl RFQ
L6319005-007 1560-01-260-5412 pylon aircraft Avl RFQ
L3010093-003 5342-01-203-9129 latch Avl RFQ
L5871233-003 1650-01-168-0289 retainer valve bypa Avl RFQ
L3226461-022 1560-01-274-9341 plate structural ai Avl RFQ
L5303252-001 5340-01-376-5784 cover access Avl RFQ
L5303252-001 1560-01-376-5784 cover access aircra Avl RFQ
L3300076-012 1560-01-449-9614 ramp assembly aircr Avl RFQ
93608 2530-01-528-0426 disk brake shoe Avl RFQ
L5877043-007 1650-01-193-8072 support servocylind Avl RFQ
93613 2530-01-528-0425 disk brake shoe Avl RFQ
L5303255-001 5340-01-376-5787 cover access Avl RFQ
5067-100-50 2540-01-644-9524 coupler drawbar rin Avl RFQ
L5304964-001 1560-01-424-1489 support structural Avl RFQ
L5306486-011 1680-01-218-6084 panel control elect Avl RFQ
300-312280-3 5307-00-775-9186 stud continuous thr Avl RFQ
L3226410-011 1560-01-208-8457 support structural Avl RFQ
L6311013-021 1560-01-174-1618 stop rotary launche Avl RFQ
L5873086-003 1650-01-187-3066 stop valve Avl RFQ
L5304817-003 1680-01-313-6690 holder cup aircraft Avl RFQ
L3400338-001 1560-01-215-3651 support structural Avl RFQ
L3300252-011 1560-01-174-5694 link strut door mlg Avl RFQ
L6312264-007 1560-01-210-6756 support structural Avl RFQ
L3226605-004 1560-01-454-2112 skin aircraft Avl RFQ
L5354809-001 1560-01-267-9529 plate structural ai Avl RFQ
L6311422-001 1680-01-339-6333 indicator alignment Avl RFQ
L3058123-012 1560-01-215-7996 seal aft fairing Avl RFQ
LE181-0010-0003 1680-01-217-6512 holder cup Avl RFQ
L3226643-003 1560-01-454-3014 skin aircraft Avl RFQ
L8800022-003 1560-01-183-4218 sleeve shear Avl RFQ
L5311013-031 1560-01-174-1619 stop rotary launche Avl RFQ
L3223886-013 1560-01-316-5645 sheet circuit analog Avl RFQ
L3223885-005 1560-01-316-5638 sheet resistive Avl RFQ
L3300179-004 1560-01-175-6184 former aircraft Avl RFQ
L3053623-060 1560-01-440-1031 skin aircraft Avl RFQ
L5304901-061 1680-01-285-7442 container trash Avl RFQ
L3300126-004 1560-01-174-0754 support structural Avl RFQ
L5844826-022 1680-01-192-6818 panel hydraulic Avl RFQ
L5303251-001 5340-01-376-5788 cover access Avl RFQ
L3223800-044 1560-01-450-1704 bracket structural Avl RFQ
L3058122-012 1560-01-199-5215 seal overwing fairi Avl RFQ
L5871208-005 1650-01-165-0226 retainer seal actua Avl RFQ
L6311013-007 5365-01-315-2352 shim Avl RFQ
L4801616-021 1560-01-167-6834 manifold fluid airc Avl RFQ
L5875451-003 1650-01-186-2911 sleeve directional Avl RFQ
L5873058-005 1650-01-189-2884 body assembly servo Avl RFQ
L4100005-001 5340-01-148-2024 connector rod end Avl RFQ
L3011743-003 1680-01-424-0700 torque tube assembl Avl RFQ
L5877023-003 1650-01-192-7482 sleeve directional Avl RFQ
LE273-0071-0220 4730-01-414-7908 tee tube Avl RFQ
L3223648-001 1560-01-428-2995 cover access aircra Avl RFQ
L3060259-032 1650-01-394-3865 boot dust and moist Avl RFQ
L3400367-001 1620-01-206-7816 plug lubrication Avl RFQ
L5304964-002 1560-01-424-1496 support structural Avl RFQ
L3010260-041 1560-01-160-9321 support structural Avl RFQ
L34000367-001 1620-01-206-7816 plug lubrication Avl RFQ
L3058033-033 1560-01-278-0695 plate structural ai Avl RFQ
L3010070-001 1680-01-202-5298 cylinder assembly r Avl RFQ
L5340211-001 1660-01-172-6810 duct assembly air c Avl RFQ
L5332739-001 1660-01-204-3624 screen precooler Avl RFQ
L5877029-003 1650-01-191-1561 housing seal assemb Avl RFQ
L3096013-003 1560-01-399-1786 fitting structural Avl RFQ
L3045893-011 1560-01-224-0600 door access aircraf Avl RFQ
L5338266-003 4730-01-169-2040 adapter straight fl Avl RFQ
L3226418-013 1560-01-297-8087 plate structural ai Avl RFQ
L3060577-052 1560-01-192-6845 shoe fairing Avl RFQ
L5341254-041 1560-01-163-6820 support structural Avl RFQ
L3223886-015 1560-01-316-5646 sheet circuit analo Avl RFQ
L6310166-017 1560-01-173-3161 support structural Avl RFQ
L3226803-009 1560-01-407-8313 fitting structural Avl RFQ
L6310142-012 1560-01-272-7265 support structural Avl RFQ
L5805008-003 1650-01-199-8488 shroud valve port Avl RFQ
L8700129-001 1560-01-204-6315 support structural Avl RFQ
L5873043-003 5365-01-190-9361 ring externally thr Avl RFQ
L3400098-003 1680-01-217-6500 guide cylinder Avl RFQ
L5873050-004 1650-01-193-2800 servovalve hydrauli Avl RFQ

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