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Part No. Manufacturer ATA Chapters Part Description Conditions Date Approved RFQ
2042M13P05 other 73 electronic control unit N/A N/A RFQ
NRB6737-502 other 57 slat assy-no.8 rh N/A N/A RFQ
46477 other 73 harness w4 core right N/A N/A RFQ
F5746269800900 other 57 slat assy no. 6 rh N/A N/A RFQ
7A1508-113 other 25 slide door 11,21,14,24 N/A N/A RFQ
A2528708000100 other 25 lower ceiling panel N/A N/A RFQ
53943100021PC0A other 29 indicator-clogging N/A N/A RFQ
D2527201102400 other 25 panel ceiling N/A N/A RFQ
VD3900-03 other 21 fan-recirculation cabin N/A N/A RFQ
RD-AX7001-01-DBX other 23 tape reproducer entert. N/A N/A RFQ
ARH1410-507 other 27 cartridge assy N/A N/A RFQ
020-016-101 other 28 probe N/A N/A RFQ
300BA8-71-320-1 other 30 relay N/A N/A RFQ
14C22L212170004 other 35 oxygen container assembly four mask N/A N/A RFQ
781-30-01 other 25 seat y/c N/A N/A RFQ
F5528000000151 other 27 elevator assy-z345 (rh) N/A N/A RFQ
C24792000-2 other 75 valve-lptacc N/A N/A RFQ
AR2591 other 52 latch assembly N/A N/A RFQ
421273 other 73 w6 wiring harness N/A N/A RFQ
ARC2156-508N other 57 cover N/A N/A RFQ
A2557425900000 other 52 door assy lh avionic-comp N/A N/A RFQ
AHL7195-501 other 49 duct assy-aft fuselage N/A N/A RFQ
44A279 other 35 switch N/A N/A RFQ
B38LC2510 other 29 shut off valve N/A N/A RFQ
420090 other 73 harness w3 wiring for scu N/A N/A RFQ
H3129-7 other 78 latch - stirrup N/A N/A RFQ
6224-4 other 78 switch N/A N/A RFQ
201117013 smith industries 32-31-44 uplock N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
117392-020 other 25 y-class passenger seat N/A N/A RFQ
24E507009G01 general electric 50755 water heater N/A 10/31/2011 RFQ
ABA7825-515 other 52 ext. emerg.contr. handle housing N/A N/A RFQ
3838006-4 other 22 flight guidance rack N/A N/A RFQ
ALC8023-501 other 52 door/hor.stab. front spar N/A N/A RFQ
4-007-04 other 24 transformer rectifier N/A N/A RFQ
F9259022704400 other 31 passenger service information unit psiu N/A N/A RFQ
ADJ7015-1 other 53 support N/A N/A RFQ
1115V0700-8 other 75 valve 2.9 start stability bleed N/A N/A RFQ
5A2927-10 other 25 packboard ay, dr 2 rh N/A N/A RFQ
729722C hamilton sundstrand 24 - APU apu generator AR N/A RFQ
S702Y0204 other 26 detector N/A N/A RFQ
51A045-002 other 72 coneseg compr inlet N/A N/A RFQ
116356-006 other 25 seat double my travel N/A N/A RFQ
D5764000001317A other 27 aileron rh N/A N/A RFQ
311715200000 other 25 structure N/A N/A RFQ
50T955 other 73 hose eec N/A N/A RFQ
020-016-124 other 28 probe N/A N/A RFQ
AJC7467-1 other 53 door assy N/A N/A RFQ
260456 other 24 indicator voltmeter dc N/A N/A RFQ
4E3365-3 other 25 floor panel heater N/A N/A RFQ
S4-3300346-02 AMDT B liebherr aerospace 52-33-19 cargo door jack N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
9069B1003-01 liebherr 21-62-04 actuator N/A 10/24/2013 RFQ
9577310-07 other 25 triple seat assy, lh N/A N/A RFQ
ARC1953-40 other 57 skin N/A N/A RFQ
221-0726-502 other 78 cascade ay N/A N/A RFQ
B38LC1507 other 29 valve shut off N/A N/A RFQ
5910042-505 other 27 vane assy-lh N/A N/A RFQ
14711-533 other 36 duct N/A N/A RFQ
A5351063200100 other 53 fairing 677 bt (rh) N/A N/A RFQ
99-004730-800-2 other 25 armcap assy rh N/A N/A RFQ
114193610 other 32 retraction actuator pin (rear spar) N/A N/A RFQ
398-21 other 36 filter N/A N/A RFQ
AJH7223-501 other 76 drum assy-fuel shutoff N/A N/A RFQ
340-1000-517 other 71 air inlet nose cowl N/A N/A RFQ
114122006 ge aviation 32-31-35 mlg door actuator N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
ACA3145-1 other 53 door assy-external electr. power N/A N/A RFQ
ARG0007-1 other 27 bolt N/A N/A RFQ
286T3516-041 other 71 wire bundle assy N/A N/A RFQ
NRC6749-2 other 57 spoiler assy no.3 N/A N/A RFQ
ABH7054-501 other 76 N/A N/A RFQ
72N620-805 other 71 fan cowl-aft lh N/A N/A RFQ
WA25BYU3YS01054 other 25 seat-cabin attendant N/A N/A RFQ
170-12180-990 other 25 blind-roller,aft N/A N/A RFQ
ABH7178-577 other 27 speed brake N/A N/A RFQ
937B1100-01 other 27 shaft assy-torque N/A N/A RFQ
5910043-507 other 27 vane assy-lh N/A N/A RFQ
6191-2 other 32 fuse-trim cyl.interlock N/A N/A RFQ
107796A108 other 28 act ay fuel dump valve N/A N/A RFQ
221-4310-501 other 71 starter duct upper N/A N/A RFQ
133B1-6LB6SD other 25 seat assy-y/c N/A N/A RFQ
020-016-115 other 28 probe N/A N/A RFQ
150T178 other 21 switch therm.turb.inlet N/A N/A RFQ
B372BBM0101 thales avionics 27-94-10 spoiler elevator computer N/A 2/24/2014 RFQ
3214-31 diehl 33-51-17 battery N/A 1/1/2009 RFQ
ARL0167-1 other 28 door assy-boost pump access N/A N/A RFQ
A25454-6 messier bugatti dowty 32-34-44 uplock N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
3844009-1 garrett 49 - APU support SV 12/28/2004 RFQ
2041231-3622 other 34 receiver vor/mkr N/A N/A RFQ
ARB1534-2 other 57 track-sta xis 286 driv N/A N/A RFQ
342B030000 liebherr 36-11-44 temperature control thermostat N/A 4/30/2013 RFQ
810A0000-05 other 27 servo control - rudder N/A N/A RFQ
421234 other 27 switch assy N/A N/A RFQ
H3043-5 other 78 latch N/A N/A RFQ
72000-5005 other 27 valve N/A N/A RFQ
9552220-04 other 25 seat assy rh std double N/A N/A RFQ
319418200000 other 25 drive actuator assy N/A N/A RFQ

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