ATR Declines Leonardo’s Request for 100 Seat Turboprop

Posted on April 4, 2018 Jerold Perkins Aviation

ATR, a Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer and a parent company to Leonardo DRS, a defense contractor, recently announced its rejection of the 100-seat turboprop. Leonardo has been working for several years with Airbus on the plan; however, the agreement was taking too long, so Leonardo opted out. Leonardo will now invest all its resources into its existing ATR 42 and 72 models.

Leonardo was trying to outdo Bombardier, who recently released the world's only 90-seat turboprop. Leonardo currently has a detailed plan to restore growth within their helicopter division after it had several difficulties and misfortunes in 2017. Although this partnership did not prove to work out, Leonardo states that it is still a step in the right direction to restore the helicopter division.

ATR owns over 75% of the world's turboprop market, and even with its recent order of 42 and 72 models, there is still room for significant growth. The turboprop is ATR's current focus, and they are going to do all they can to make it successful.

The new turboprop was denied because it would need to have an entire new airframe created. Leonardo is not happy about ATR's decision and has even threatened to take on an entire new partner to get the job done. Leonardo's enthusiasm is of no surprise as the company has always strived for top manufacturing and financial performance.

For now, Leonardo's focus is for steady yet sustainable growth over the next few years. Leonardo will be looking for more opportunities to expand their business and to put more focus on bigger projects so that they can start coming out on top.

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