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Posted on April 3, 2017 Jerold Perkins Aviation

Airplanes have come so far from ten years ago, and even more from twenty years ago but the interesting thing that started to become a reality specially in the past decade is the technological advances in airplanes and I am not talking about the mechanical parts of the airplane but instead the soft technologies on an airplane such as computer-enhanced technologies that make flying a whole new experience. Adding screens to an airplane means adding new software that can do calculations for the operators and display them in a colorful and clear way for the pilots and crew members to see. Luma Technologies is a manufacturing company that specializes in lighted displays and custom switching products for the aviation industry.

Luma Technologies has recently added the Bell 206, 206L, 214ST, and 412 platform to their technologies and what that means is that they are able to find display solutions for these aircraft. Luma has announced that they will begin by working on their LT-4000 series which begins by displaying the caution warning panels as a replacement to what the OEM has originally placed. This is going to be huge for Luma Technologies because they are going to open more avenues to be able to support more aircraft and therefore more opportunities. What's even more exciting is that Luma is finding solutions with Google-ready design and implementing this technology in the aerospace industry. This will work on the Bell 206 Operators, LT-4000 Series LED, and many other aircraft models delivering FAA-approved aviation displays that will be off the chart clear and meets the aviation and aerospace industry's requirements, and possibly even more.

ASAP Semiconductor is a global distributor of parts and makes ordering parts even easier, we are competitive and can find those hard-to-find parts for low prices and quickly. In our efforts to stay competitive, we have created a platform; Aerospace Exchange carries LED Displays for the aircraft and aviation industry. You can request pricing and availability online by requesting a quote at with your part number and quantity you are looking for. You can also submit your request via email at or speak with a sales representative at +1-714-705-4780.

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