How AC and DC Generators Differ from One Another

Posted on January 5, 2023 Jerold Perkins Electronics

Generators are a common form of equipment that may be found in a diverse set of industries and applications, allowing for harnessable electricity to be generated. Generators generally come in one of two forms, those being direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) variations. While both of these options rely on the principle of electromagnetic induction to carry out their duties, the exact processes that they follow differ. In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of DC and AC generators, allowing you to have a better grasp on their similarities and differences.

With an AC generator, one can transform mechanical energy into electrical energy that is in the form of alternating current. What this means is that the current reverses direction regularly, and this form of electricity may be used by most household appliances and other grid-based devices. In an AC generator, the magnetic field-producing magnet is rotated around a stationary coil during electrical induction, ensuring that the poles cause the current to flow in opposite directions to allow for an output of AC current. While the coil can be set to rotate instead of the magnetic field while still guaranteeing alternating current, the method of extracting electricity is much less efficient, making it a less popular option as compared to the rotating magnet design.

For the typical design of DC generators, the magnetic field remains static while the wound conductive coil is rotated during electrical induction. While this process is quite similar to the AC generator, the way in which current is produced allows for an output of DC. Typically, direct current power is used for low voltage applications, the most notable use being for the charging of batteries. As both generator types present different outputs that are restrictive in use, it is essential that you choose the right type based on your individual needs.

While the type of current that each generator produces differs, such options also vary in other ways as well. For example, when it comes to output voltage and safety concerns, it is essential to know that AC generators often feature voltage levels that are much higher than DC generators as a result of their common uses. Despite this, direct current is still very dangerous, albeit to a lower degree.

Aside from safety, maintenance may be a big concern for potential buyers. With alternating current generators, high reliability is achieved with a low degree of required maintenance, making operational costs somewhat predictable over a longer period of time. Meanwhile, DC generators are known for their higher need of maintenance, potentially making them a more expensive option in that regard depending on the situation and application.

Despite these various differences, both AC and DC generators remain a pivotal tool for the powering of countless devices and systems that we as a society depend on. Whether you are searching for a generator for the first time or are simply in the market for replacement components, it is essential that you settle for nothing less than the absolute best. Luckily for you, Aerospace Exchange is here to offer you highly competitive pricing and rapid lead times on top-quality generator products that trace back to leading global manufacturers that we trust.

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