Pratt & Whitney Canada Signs Agreement to Power the MA700 Aircraft

Posted on August 1, 2017 Jerold Perkins Aviation

The establishment of aircraft engines will always change. Engineers across the world are doing whatever they can to elevate the power and condition of these aircraft engines. As a result, manufacturers are looking for different suppliers that can play a role in supplying parts for the engine. For example, Pratt & Whitney Canada has decided to sign an agreement to supply the PW 150. This engine is used on the AIC Aircraft MA700. The PW 150C continuously builds off the PW150A with better development and power. Because of these frequent upgrades, Pratt & Whitney Canada has built a relationship with AVIC and other avionic companies. In other words, P&W Canada is elevating their network by helping these companies supply their aircraft. Not only does the supplier build relationships, but the manufacturers also strengthen their network. For example, "The relationship with AVIC was further strengthened by a collaboration with Xi'an Aircraft Company in the development of the MA 600 aircraft powered by the PW127J." After many years of working together and trusting each other, the vendors are mutually respected. Moreover, other companies value the relationship and also want to compromise with the ongoing agreements.

It is very important to build relationships with the Aerospace industry. Help is always wanted and needed. There are millions of aircraft parts that need to be found, hence every company can bring value to the table. Pratt & Whitney Canada is a global leader in the aerospace industry because of the collaborations they have with other companies. Nevertheless, this company has taken the initiative to build relationships for decades. Networking and relationships will always be important and will help companies lead to permanent success. Here at ASAP Semiconductor, we share the same vision. We want to network with every company. Hence, we want to help with a fast-paced mentality. We value our customer's needs and we ultimately believe that "lasting value" will develop ongoing success. is a website we use to help other vendors search for parts in our inventory. Utilize this website, and our company will do everything we can to deliver ASAP.

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