Types of Industrial Pins

Posted on March 11, 2021 Jerold Perkins Fasteners

Machines and tools are critical to the optimal performance of countless industrial applications. Critical to these machines and tools themselves are pins, the fasteners that hold them together and prevent them from falling apart. Industrial pins are a type of fastening hardware used for several purposes, among which are aligning, mounting, coupling, assembling, and penetrating two different machines or pieces of hardware. Industrial pins are used for different purposes and employed based on the operation or function they are expected to carry out. In this blog, we will look at the eight most common types of industrial pins and their defining characteristics.

Drive Pin
Drive pins are a type of interference pin. Industrial pins of this type must be driven into position to properly fasten two parts together, hence their name. Many drive pins feature an anchor that expands to form a tight fit after being driven. Pins of this type are mainly used in rotary applications.

Groove Pin
Groove pins are cylindrical in shape and typically consist of longitudinal grooves. When the pin is pressed into a hole, the grooves pinch shut to create a tension that locks the pin in place. As such, when used for fastening purposes, groove pins offer strong adhesive power and do a better job of holding two parts together than other types of pins.

Knurled Pin
Knurled pins look like standard industrial pins but feature a knurled surface. Knurling is a manufacturing process whereby a pattern of straight, angled, or crossed lines is rolled into a material. This textured surface allows these pins to provide a firmer grip.

Parallel Pin
Parallel pins are a special type of dowel pin. In fact, parallel pins are actually a collection of several dowel pins placed parallel to each other with each end matched to a different tolerance. Parallel pins are designed to fasten two or more individual elements.

Coiled Spring Pin
Pins of this type, as their name suggests, are coiled to provide a cylindrical appearance. They are considered one of the most versatile types of springs, offering flexibility, uniform strength, equal stress distribution, closer diameter tolerances, no interlocking, and automatic feeding. They are most commonly made from metals such as steel.

Clinch Pin
Clinch pins feature a hump at one end which eliminates the need for a separate agent to fasten them. As such, clinch pins are mainly self-securing in nature. They are often used in cell phones and laptops, where they attach thin panels such as printed circuit boards to their metal or plastic bases.

Hair Clip Pin
Hair clip pins derive their name from their shape. They feature wavy surfaces that resemble those of hair clips. Hair clip pins are especially useful in applications that require quick assembly and disassembly of a machine.

Safety Pin
Lastly, safety pins are industrial pins wound tightly by wires. This gives them excellent fastening qualities.

While the above mentioned pins are the most common, many other types of pins are used in industrial applications. These include cotter pins, clevis pins, twist pins, detent pins, linch pins, hitch pins, toggle pins, and more. Which type of pin is best for a given situation will ultimately depend on its intended end use.

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