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Posted on May 25, 2021 Jerold Perkins Bearings

Bearings are a common component for numerous types of machinery, regularly implemented within assemblies for the means of minimizing the amount of friction generated between two moving surfaces. There are many types of bearings that one may use for friction reduction, and each may provide its own unique abilities to benefit certain applications.

Jewel bearings in particular are a form of plain bearing that features a hard gem for their design. Due to their construction and design, such aviation bearing types are well suited for surviving some of the most extreme environments, all while remaining accurate and reliable. In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of the jewel bearing, allowing you to better understand their functionality, advantages, and common uses.

As stated before, jewel bearings are fitted with a precious gem which may come in the form of rubies, sapphires, various types of corundum, or another substance type. The gems typically chosen are those that are extremely hard, allowing for the bearing to exhibit high resistance qualities. With their strength, jewel bearings feature a low coefficient of friction, making their rate of wear typically slower than others when placed in extreme environments. Jewel bearings may be at risk of fracturing when faced with axial or radial shocks, thus they utilize anti-shock systems to guard themselves from such hazards.

Depending on one’s needs, there are a few common jewel bearing types available. Ring jewel bearings are designed as flat, cylindrical disks that have a radial hole, and such types are often constructed from corundum. With their flexibility in design and cheap price, such bearings are often found within watches, gyros, and various instrumentation.

The endstone jewel bearing is a type that is constructed from solid corundum, and they sometimes feature a dome-shaped recess in their center. Endstone jewel bearings are often used for the production of watches, commonly being paired alongside ring jewel bearings to establish an annular bearing assembly. Alongside watches, endstone jewel bearings may also be used for relays, gyroscopes, flight instruments, water meters, and other applications.

Vee jewel bearings are notable by their “V” shaped recess located on their center, allowing them to excel under small loads and torques. The center of the bearing may also be drilled, and in such cases the bearing is most beneficial for extremely high-pressure applications. Vee jewel bearings are a very common variation that are often found in compasses, electrical measurement equipment, gas meters, temperature controllers, and more.

While jewel bearings were initially reserved for the means of producing watches, there have since been numerous applications in which they have become the bearing of choice over certain alternatives. Such bearings are capable of being produced in extremely small sizes, allowing them to accommodate certain applications in which space is a large concern.

Jewel bearings also perform well without lubrication and face little wear during their operations. Despite these advantages, jewel bearings must be protected from fracturing, and they often need to be placed within housing or equipment. Additionally, jewel bearings must be loaded axially to avoid variations in friction.

Altogether, jewel bearing components are best fit for low-heat and low-load environments where they can optimally reduce friction between moving surfaces for the benefit of various applications. If you are in need of reliable jewel bearings for galvanometer instruments, dial indicators, gimbals, watches, compasses, and other devices, look no further than Aerospace Exchange.

Aerospace Exchange is a leading supplier of jewel bearings, and we can help you secure all that you need with competitive pricing and rapid lead-times. Take the time to explore our offered parts on our website, and you may begin the purchasing process at any time through the submission of an Instant RFQ form. Get started today and experience how Aerospace Exchange can fulfill all your operational needs with ease.

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