What Are Beveled Washers?

Posted on February 24, 2022 Jerold Perkins Bearings

Washers are machine components that find use in countless assemblies. Typically used in conjunction with a screw fastener such as a bolt and nut, washers keep such components from loosening. More than that, they distribute the load from the nut or bolt head over a larger surface area, reducing wear over time.

The importance of washers lies in the fact that they protect the surface they are affixed to from damage during installation. By distributing pressure and preventing the fasteners from moving or corroding, washers help protect the objects they are meant to secure. As washers are versatile in design, they are available in a variety of types, some of which include spring washers, plain washers, and beveled washers. With this in mind, we will cover the latter and often overlooked type: beveled washers.

Beveled washers, also known as cupped spring washers, are characterized by their uneven, angled design. Unlike their counterparts, beveled washers are not flat and are manufactured in different shapes. In fact, some take on a circular form that results in a similar appearance to plain washers. Other beveled washer designs include a square-shaped style with an angled design.

Beyond such types, beveled washers are also available in specific sizes that suit a diverse set of applications. In most cases, the width of the washer should be selected based on the size of the bolt being used. Typically, beveled washers range in sizes from ? of an inch to 1½ inches in diameter. Another specification to keep in mind is the angle of the bevel.

The angle of the bevel is generally measured by three different thicknesses. These thicknesses include the thickness of the deepest point, the thickness of the thinnest point, and the thickness of the midway point between the previous two. Beveled washers with a malleable design have a wider variety of thicknesses that suit a broader range of projects.

Typically, malleable beveled washers have a thickness from 0.34 to 0.81 inches at the deepest point, and they are available in square dimensions from 1.25 to 3.00 inches. Meanwhile, the depth of the thinnest point ranges from 0.12 to 0.31 inches. Furthermore, the angle is determined by the dimension of the washer and the angle of the surface being bolted. It is important to note that you must find a washer with a precise angle.

As all fasteners apply a load to the objects in which they are installed, washers provide relief to the assembly. For instance, when a bolt is driven into an object, the bolt’s head presses against the surface of the object. As such, beveled washers are designed to distribute this load with ease. Otherwise, the object may crack or sustain another form of damage around the area of the fastener’s head.

Beveled washers increase the surface area of the fastener’s load, thus preventing any damage to the assembly. They are especially useful in applications that have structural beams. For example, if a structural beam is angled, a beveled washer can be utilized since it is angled in nature. For applications that have angled beams, square-shaped beveled washers can be implemented. Similar to other machine components, beveled washers must be routinely checked for functionality as increased use can lead to wear. That being said, finding a reputable distributor of top-quality beveled washers is paramount.

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