ITC Ruling Bombardier and Boeing Trade Dispute Delayed to Friday

Posted on February 7, 2018 Jerold Perkins Aviation

Bombardier Manufacturer is planning a new CSeries Site in Alabama that will serve as a final assembly site. They are taking every step to plan, receive needed approvals, and stay within all the laws. Since their December 27th document being filed with the ITC, International Trade Commission, Bombardier has continued to move towards the construction of their final assembly site. These papers were filed with the ITC after requests for more information on the Alabama Site after a trade dispute investigation. The construction of the Alabama final assembly site will put Bombardier’s United States assembly line in its advanced stages.

This completion will unfortunately be years down the line because there is so much equipment and told required for this final site. The good news is that this CSeries site will create some 400 to 500 jobs. The site in Mobile, Alabama is said to be the identical twin of the Mirabel site.

Another big case the ITC requested further information on was the Boeing merger with Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. Boeing claimed in the ITC paperwork that Embraer’s regional jets do not compare to their Boeing 737s model, but the CSeries do now and always will compete with Boeing. The merger comes easily because Boeing and Embraer have worked together on things in the past.

The ruling from the ITC will come on January 25th and will decide if Bombardier’s sale of the CS100s to Delta Air Lines ended up harming Boeing. If harm is found the CS100s will be subject to import duties set by the US Department of Commerce at a huge 292%. However, is no harm is found, the duties will not be imposed.

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